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Resources-as-a-Service – We make it happen

Technology has enabled you to get the business productivity tools you need – now you need right “Resources” to make it happen and that too – on good rates.

Go PK Resources (Private) Limited’s “Resources-as-a-Service” helps you to run, manage and scale business. And it’s not just about providing you people for the projects – also about:

Variety: You get projects off different variety especially with respect to time line – some will be short term and other long term – we help you have resources to match your requirements.

Engagement: Beauty of our offering is that we get into engagement with the model which fits your requirements and budgets – which ranges from single assignment under your directions to long term engagement with defined SLAs.

Versatility: You get access to a versatile workforce – who adapts to your culture and have long experience and proven business ethics.

Security Checks: All our resources are hired following HR standards and go through defined list of checks to ensure the integrity and business securities.

Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing

You take care of patients - we take care of your revenue

Lets Improve your revenue cycle

We know its not an easy job being a small practitioner to manage the complete cycle especially getting revenue to your account in timely manner – no worries, we got you

PMO as a Service

PMO as a Service

We become your Diversified office and wear multiple hats

Project Manage Office

Being a small startup or SMBs – your finance won’t allow you to have dedicated team for everything – get your PMO department to run almost everything for you….


Don't miss a dollar hitting your books

We make sure it all adds up

You don’t need to have a team of resources doing bookKeeping and charging you way more – when we are available to take care of your accounts….

PO Processing

Your dedicated resources to manage the POs

Order Management

Your Sales team should Always Be Closing (ABC) and not spend time on creating and managing POs – our experienced resources assist your sales team to be prospecting all the time