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Presence Management

“Transforming your outlook with ultimate brand management”


The major key to online existence is choosing the right strategy for the right account. You may be posting online for a while or trying to get your desired results through different content but it all may go to waste (waste of time, efforts, and content) if you do not have the right strategy of doing it. Strategy plays a vital role in the success of any online business. If you want online success, we create the best suitable strategies for you.

We have strategies for your brand promotion and brand management for every business type, either you follow

  • A Brick and Mortar (no online existence) model and want to upgrade your business online, we will create strategies from the scratch to make you look appealing to the customer online.
  • A Click and Mortar model (already exist online with an offline existence), and want to rule over all over the online market.
  • A Pure Play where all your business is online with no physical existence and you want to get the best out of it by generating the most profit.

We have got your back through it all. We provide management for

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Website
  • Email

Social Media Management and Brand promotion

Our teams make sure your accounts are properly  taken care of by the following steps


  • Brainstorming of ideas for content, graphics, and outlook.
  • Defining your purpose of business and account creation.
  • Recognizing your target audience.
  • On what platforms (websites, apps, search engines) your business should be promoted
  • At what time the content must be shared on which account.

Execution and posting

This step includes the posting of content on your social accounts and the execution of the planned steps. This helps us to generate traffic, get prospects and customers to interact and generate new leads.

Update and Manage

This third step occurs when the posting has already been done. It includes keeping track of the response from the audience and checking the demand for new content.

Customer engagement

Customer engagement is yet another major part of a successful online existence. It is all about interactions. It is a back and forth process where customers get a say and express their ideas, views, and emotion towards a your product or service. In order to grow, It is necessary for a business to have open end communication with its users. We understand the requirement of time and your need for a healthy business communication. Hence, to satisfy your customers, to make them feel appreciated and to let them feel ownership in your business so we help you manage complete communication cycle with your prospects and customers.

This consistent customer engagement helps not only to retain customer attention but their interest in your business increases drastically. The appreciation and bond they feel by connecting to you is what you require to create the demand forecast for your product/service. The better aligned you are  with their demands the more profit you make.


Safety of your accounts is our first priority, we assure you the security from any online threats, viruses, and your competitors/rivals. We have high-tech software to keep your accounts secure and your business growing.


To have the highest reach to your customers, touchpoints are needed, we guarantee you, regularly increasing touchpoints for a better and improved online reputation.