“Improving your online existence and profit by optimizing your accounts.”

Optimization of your website and accounts is the most important key factor of online visibility and user reach. We promise to keep you on the top list of any Search engine and application stores.

Search Engine Optimization

“The process of appearing in the top list of any search engine by maximizing the number of visitors on a specific website.”

We, at, GoPkResource, understand the need of your business and strive our best to bring you on the top. To make you top any search engine, these are the steps we use:

The first step is to have a very responsive website, if you already have a website we will work on it to look better. However, if you are new and want us to create an attractive website for you, we are at your service.
Content is the backbone of search engine optimization. The better the content, the more the audience. We create unique, relevant, and user-friendly content for your website to satisfy your customer and to engage more of your desired audience.
Keywords play a vital role in generating an audience and creating attractive content. We look for the keywords your targeted customers search the most. These keywords are then utilized in the content of your website for traffic generation.

Social Media Optimization

“The process of using techniques and strategies to promote a business by means of social media.”

Social media is the largest platform for online occurrence. Millions of users are bombarding the internet with their clicks every moment and the most used medium is social media. It helps in two way communication between the user and the admin. We understand the need of your accounts being visible and reachable to your customer, therefore, we use the following ways:

We make sure your accounts are optimized and are reachable to the customers. We have different techniques and strategies to make you visible to your audience.
We create suitable content for your accounts through proper research on a specific topic. Also, keywords on a suitable topic are also proper researched and then utilized in your account’s content. Hashtags are yet another important thing to generate a suitable audience, it is quick and guides the user directly to your accounts.
A complete user analysis is done to see what your customer want, how do they react to the content being posted and how useful the content is to them.
After a proper analysis of your users, time and dates are fixed according to their online visibility. How often should we post depends upon how often your customers use social media. We decide peak hours for your accounts to attract the most people and to get user engagement.
We keep track of the user engagement on your accounts to get you the best future outcomes. It includes amplification, conversion rates, applause, votes, PPC, etc.