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Customer Support

The current customer support team is expected to be part customer success, tech support and sales too. In short – customer support agent should be a super start with ability to talk to customer about almost everything to basic level.

Today – when everything is moving to XaaS (everything as a service model) – “support” is a feature. So, if you are not taking the support hires as serious as engineering hires – you won’t be able to have best shot at the success. In addition to that, 51% of the customer typically reach out support once before pulling the plug on provider.

Also, a Modern-Day customer is very savvy and uses multiple channels to reach out to its vendors or service providers – this expectation has made it very difficult for companies to make sure they have resources available on all of the channels to answer customer.

To achieve such round the clock availability at good rates – companies are left with no options but outsourcing their support.

We at Go PK Resources – design support plans per your budget and requirement from service request management (the tracking, escalating and following up) to level three technical support.

We help you achieve:

  • Round clock presence – 24/7 availability.
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Multi-channel management – like telephone calls, email, ticketing system, social media, liveChat etc.

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