Business Development

Inbound Sales

Customer needs are always the top priority ….

In this technology enriched era – Business Development needs you to adapt new strategies to get the opportunities and tackle the challenges created by constant progression of social and digital technologies. It’s getting difficult to get your prospect listen to your sales pitch on the phone or in person. Many desires to control the acquisition process doing their own home work and contacting the potential service providers per their own availability.

On the side of the coin – platforms like social media, internet advertisement and websites allow sellers to about their products, services and differentiated values global audiences. They also help services providers to identify prospects. Modern technologies are enabling them to do online meetings and demos to ultimately achieve their revenue goals.

There are vast choices and potentially overwhelming which make it hard for you to priorities where and how to start and engage etc. GO PK Resources will help you to pursue your business development objectives even more effectively and ultimately acquire new business.

Our business development services are designed for you depending upon your goals, budget and where you are with your strategy today.

Our value-based fee is typically specified as fixed rates depending upon the scope, complexity and the deliverables of the project.

Our goal for business development is to help “our clients get more clients.


Monthly Fee/Resource

Collect Contact Information

Sales Navigator Included

Connect and follow up via LinkedIN

Cold Emailing

Email Campaigns

Setup Meeting

Update CRM

Prepare proposal

Close the deal


Payable Every Month


Not Needed









Per Month 


Per month

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