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Appointment Setter

Appointment Setter assists you to close more deals – by proactively taking care of everything for you so you can focus on the actionable things. Our resources reach outs to target prospects using LinkedIN and emails to setup meeting for Sales or solution specialist and tracks the leads accordingly in the CRM of your choice.

Appointment Setter services includes:

  1. Sending 75(every day) proactive requests (along with sales pitch) to prospects via LinkedIN
  2. Collecting contact details for the prospects who get connected to send them email as well.
  3. Share helping material with connected prospect like study their websites to highlight the areas the need to improve
  4. Send sales pitch emails to ~50 prospects a week.
  5. Track and follow up on the warm leads using CRM
  6. Coordinate and schedule meeting in your calendar with interested prospects

Please complete your Order for Appointment Setter – $1200/month