Accounts & Finance

Finance and Accounts

Go PK Resources (Private) Limited becomes just an extension of your teams – you can get back to your core business and we will manage your revenue, manage Aps and ensure tax compliances.

All our engagements with client are always process based – we spend little time to understand your unique business model, strategy and services so we can use all those findings to develop a custom process and then ensure they are followed for success.

Our RaaS service gives you access to a “shadow resource” as well – which means if a primary resource is on leave or something – shadow resource completes the tasks.

Why Outsource

No need to train or guide – Let experts do it.

Focus on your core business as your partner takes finance and accounting headaches off your plate

Economical – It costs you less time, maintenance and off course money to hire partner instead

Convenient – easy entry and exist. No worries about hiring and firing inhouse resource

Scalable – adding or reducing personnel in in-house is one tedious process to go through.

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